We're in your NeighbourWorld

Hi! We are April and David.We are embarking on a world trip for a year. Want to come? We are excited to share the experience. Follow along for tips on cheap travel and the progress we make on our challenge: interview 12 schools in 12 countries in 12 months!


David David is British and earned his Computer Science degree in England. He is an incurable techie, with an adventurous spirit for travel, food, and ocean exploration. You'd be challenged to stump David on historical/political trivia. He is an equal contender to finish off a plate of cupcakes!

April April is American and holds a degree in Educational Leadership and Curriculum. She has taken a year sabbatical to visit schools around the world. She wants to learn how leaders can better support students for success in a global environment. She loves to draw, read and write. She is hoping to see elephants in the wild. Her favorite food is cheese (all kinds!)