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The Beginning of the Lasts

Ive heard it said that we are creatures of habit. We like the predictable nature of things and so we create patterns to satisfy that desire. I remember as a child growing up at home, I had MY seat at the kitchen table. And if my brother sat down in MY seat it was war.

I haven't changed much. I still have a seat I consider my own at the kitchen table (albeit an entirely new table, new kitchen). As a matter of fact, I struggle to do certain tasks when not in that particular seat. Blog writing, bill paying, thank you notes, all get composed with this particular view.

View of Deck

Well, that's all about to change. Along with a lot of other habits that allow life to be an auto-pilot experience. This is the beginning of the last time of doing many things. And, while that is exciting, it also means that until we settle again (about a year from now), we will remain in a state of heightened awareness. Even the smallest tasks, buying groceries, getting transportation, sleeping arrangements and gee---where to sit to write, pay bills, and the rest? Continual travel means constant disequilibrium. So, I am honoring all those things that I've taken for granted. The tasks in life that are so repetitive that my laundry can accomplish them. I am going to miss you!


  1. Meijer runs! The store that never changes where things are on the shelf.
  2. Kitchen! I can make coffee while still asleep and wake up to the soft sound of that gurgle brew.
  3. Walk-in closet! Have I really signed up to live out of a backpack? I will be wrinkly for a year.
  4. Car! I am embarrassed with the number of times I arrived somewhere with no recollection of driving (you know you've done this too).
  5. Books! I am forced to electronic book reading. No more margin writing, highlighting, and the special smell that comes from the aged pages.