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Food in Thailand


What you’ll find: Cheap street vendors EVERYWHERE! You simply cannot possibly go hungry in this place – step outside anywhere and you will be fed for pennies with the most delicious morsels. Most places are a “grab and go” situation, but if you walk even a block you are likely to find a place to plop. Thais can put anything on a stick: pork, chicken, fish, beef, fish and many are fried or grilled with a spicy or sweet sauce. Fruit is everywhere: my favorite is watermelon and pineapple which is cut in front of you, sliced and put into a small plastic handbag with a skewer and some flavored sugar to dip and eat while you walk.

On A Stick Friut

Typical Thai prices are about 20 B (.60) for a bag of fruit – or 40 B for a stick of meat (1.20) It is a quick a filling meal for under 2.00. You can also sit in many outdoor places that serve up a full plate (on actual plates- street side) with rice, meat, sauce and many kinds of soups for about 1.50 and beer is easy to get as well. The local beers are Tiger and Chang which cost about 2.00 for half liter. There is also corn on the cob grilled (prepared for you in a little cup to carry off and eat), bananas (served in all sorts of ways: grilled, on stick with sweet sauce, frozen, etc.) Near areas of high tourists or the airport you can expect the prices to increase considerably. It can be literally just a few steps away from a main traffic area to return to “normal” Thai prices.


What you won’t find? Bread. Day 5 and I was so sick of a version of Rice with Chicken/Pork/Fish. For Pete’s Sake – I want a sandwich- a muffin – cereal- crackers- a bread roll- regular noodles!

And while we’re whinging (David’s term for when I am a miserable whiner) there’s the topic of salad. You know---lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrots in a bowl with dressing (croutons/cheese)…salad! The locals really don’t know about salad.

Oh….have to mention cheese! CHEESE! My favorite food of all time is out of sight. How do you possibly survive without cheese…this became my prize if I ever win a bet with David. He always bets for beer (well, he bets for two instead of one- he doesn’t go without his pint a day). David is well in his beer and I’ve yet to get cheese (which tells you how often –never-I win a bet with David)

Oh and cheese and bread make pizza –which I didn’t eat a ton of at home, but now sounds absolutely essential for some reason.

All said, you would think I’d be losing weight. Which seemed the only upside to life without bread and cheese- but nope…not even that. I’m fatter- it’s true. It is tasty in the end and there is always something to tempt the pallet.

Not that I particularly thought snake on a stick would tempt me, or say pink eggs (are there pink chickens here?) or a bowl of about 12 tiny eggs (partridge eggs perhaps?) but you may be surprised! Some of it is rather addictive. Gather up your courage and remember, "When in Rome..."

snakeonstick pinkeggs tinyeggs2

Whether you are a brave connoisseur or take a safer approach to exotic temptations, you will not be disappointed. Thailand will have something for you.

fish meal