We're in your NeighbourWorld


12 Schools, 12 Countries, 12 Months

If you’ve read a book in the last 10 years, you already know that we have serious global problems to solve. The next generation must successfully collaborate with people from varied backgrounds, beliefs, and perspectives to meet the challenge. It is essential to our survival that we do. Global warming, acts of terrorism, and environmental protection are just some of the big ticket items.

Project 12 is our contribution to this endeavor. We want to provide a place where students around the world can connect and learn about each other. If children learn early to appreciate, understand, talk and listen to each other there is still hope that we can solve the critical issues that threaten all of us.

It is a simple plan.

We will travel to 12 schools in 12 countries to establish relationships between them and with our school, Long Meadow Elementary in Michigan, United States of America. We will personally introduce our website: Doitcuzuwantto.com and introduce teachers/students to each other (virtually through the website).

We hope teachers and students find this a helpful forum and resource for supporting interconnectedness in the next generation of problem solvers.

Follow our progress.

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  1. International School of Bangkok